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   TeleMagic Product Feature List

General Features
Designed for networks or stand-alone PC’s (includes record locking)
Three-level relational contact database
Full featured Activity Manager
Built-in fax capability
Wireless Messaging access integrated with e-mail, activities and the Contact Manager
Built-in e-mail
Branch Scripting with activity history generation and input fields linked to your contact records
Sales Forecasting, including links to contact records and extensive reporting with graphs
Spell Checker
Custom and quick reports
Automation Server for dedicated print, fax, e-mail and wireless message processing
Import and export using popular file formats
Mail merge integration with Microsoft Word¨, WordPerfect¨, WordPad¨ and WordPro¨
System and field-level security and password protection
Context-sensitive help
Record and system synchronization through Data Synchronization Server with automatic packet transfer
Configurable toolbars
User-definable macros
TeleMagic contact import formats that include linked activities
Database Utility Program for system maintenance
Export to FoxPro, dBase III+, SDF, Delimited formats and user-definable formats
Year 2000 compliant

Fully Customisable
Add your own fields and decide the number, type, length, placement and configuration of the fields
Field types include character, date, number, OLE, calculated, unique number counter, phone, fax, wireless messaging, FTP, e-mail, web, newsgroup, check box and notepad
Easy-to-use Screen Designer to customize how information is displayed
Multiple views for each level - customize how each user views information

Contact Manager
User-defined List Boxes allow rapid and consistent data entry
Data entry templates, default values, calculated fields and validity checking for any field
Powerful record search capability
Editable Browse window
Browse list of pending activities
Duplicate record checking

Activity Manager
Scrollable daily, weekly and monthly views
Reschedule and re-prioritize using “drag and drop”
Single-click check-off of completed tasks
Associate Contacts with Activities and To-Do’s
Assign and view status of tasks assigned to others
View and modify other users’ schedules (with permission)
To-Do display includes indication of time until or past deadline, and completed items
Multi-day activity scheduling
Recurring activity scheduling
Scheduling conflict warnings
Automatically search for available time slots
Calendar security
Alarms with or without TeleMagic loaded
Activity Browse
Activity Archive
User-defined weekends and holidays
Group activity scheduling
Assign resources to activities
Reassign activities from one user to another user
Move groups of activities to a new time slot
Automatically create an activity for all contacts in a filter and assign them to one or more selected users
Configurable Activity Views

Report Generation
Standard reports on various areas of TeleMagic, such as faxing and sales forecasting
Activity reports including printout to popular “day planner” format
Envelope, label, and “rotary index” printing
Contact and Phone Lists
Quick reports for novice users
Configurable Reports Menu
Custom report writer including Report titles and summaries, Multiple fonts, pitches and styles, Page orientation and size selection, Calculated fields with input prompts, Full color illustration and OLE support, headers and footers by page and group, and Print Preview

E-mail application can run independently from TeleMagic
Works with your existing MAPI e-mail server or as a stand-alone
Link e-mail messages to contacts in your TeleMagic database
Create rollup lists of messages linked to contacts
Automatically link incoming messages to contacts
Include attachments, such as files and merge documents, with your messages
Establish multiple e-mail accounts for each user
Record e-mail activities in the Activity Manager automatically
Send locally or process through Automation Server
User-defined folders
Extensive search
Address book

Word Processing
Supports Microsoft Word¨ 2.0, 6.0, 7.0, 97; Word Pro¨ 97; WordPerfect¨ 6.0, 7.0, 8.0; WordPad¨
Base new documents on previously created templates
Share documents between users, or keep personal documents private
Link documents to contacts and create rollup lists of linked documents on contacts’ records
View lists of documents printed or faxed to a contact

Fully integrated fax system
Send immediate faxes to individual contacts or to all contacts in a filter (broadcast or batch fax)
Include merge fields in all pages being faxed
Extensive fax preferences to customize faxing
Fax locally or from a dedicated server
Multiple servers and queues
Support for unlimited servers processing faxes, with up to eight fax modems per server
Links with the Activity Manager and contact records for fax history tracking
Fax TeleMagic reports
Fax maintenance for faxes sent locally
Fax external documents generated in other applications
Fax documents using any of the supported word processors and automatically selects the correct word processor for each document

Wireless Messaging
Send Wireless Messages to contacts or TeleMagic users, to all contacts in a filter, or to everyone in a user group
Send messages from the local workstation or from a dedicated server
Send Wireless Messages based on activities
Maintenance screen for messages sent locally

Data Synchronisation Server (DSS)
Unparalleled power combined with one-click synchronization provides both flexibility and ease-of-use
Create unlimited remote and satellite sites - each with unique settings
Easily change the record set any site receives
Only synchronize the data each site needs to see for maximum data security
Control which fields in which records are included in synchronization for any site
Synchronize Activities and activity permissions, Contact records, Database structure changes, E-mail, Filters, Indexes, List boxes, OLE fields, Preferences, Program updates, Screen design changes, Security and Users
Powerful administrative assistance through DSS
Automatic program updates and upgrades to all sites
Changes to databases are automatically transferred and updated at all sites
Maintain personnel for sites anywhere in the world from one central location
Control security at the remote sites, even assign users to a group remotely
Create user preferences in the central location and copy them to users at remote sites
Update each field using pre-defined rules and further qualify the selected field rule by creating a user-defined expression that provides the user total control
Save data that is being replaced in any memo field
Create scripts to automate processing at the remote sites - synchronization at remote sites is as simple as clicking an icon
Create servers at the central site to control what occurs when you select to process
Have multiple servers processing simultaneously for high volume synchronization
Set up continuous synchronization at the server - changes can be exchanged between sites within minutes
Choose to automatically transfer packets using TeleMagic’s e-mail or FTP transfer

Strategic Alliances (Third Party Products)
Links to numerous accounting applications
CTI integration and call center management
Receivable and inventory tracking
Bid and Proposal Order entry system
Candidate search and proposal generation for placement agencies
Newspaper and magazine template to assist sales and production of ads
Planning guide for database design
Campaign Management
Real estate prospecting and contract management system
Sales Tracker
And Many More

System Requirements
The system requirements for TeleMagic Enterprise V4 have changed for those indicated in the System Administrator Guide. System requirements on page 6 of Single installations, and on page 18 for Mult-User (Network) installations. The following changes apply:
IBM-compatible, Pentium 166 with 64 MB of RAM. Pentium II 300 with 64 MB RAM recommended.
Microsoft Windows 95 or newer, or Windows NT version 4.0 (recommended). Service Pack 3 must be installed on Windows NT Server or Workstation.
200 MB or more free space on a hard disk for initially installing TeleMagic. 300 MB or more free hard disk space recommended.

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