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TeleMagic is a fully customisable three-level relational database which has expanded beyond the contact manager into a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

There are several versions TeleMagic available:

TeleMagic Version 5 (new)
TeleMagic Version 4.5
TeleMagic NetClient
TeleMagic Version 3.5

Features at a Glance

TeleMagic was designed with the large network in mind, however small to medium sized businesses will benefit from its robust feature set and data management.
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TeleMagic Enterprise provides powerful features such as:

Contact Manager

Fully customisable three-tier relational data structure, incorporating security down to field level.

Activity Manager

Manage activities, appointments, to-dos. Features calendars for scheduling appointments and other activites. Alarms for scheduled activities. Share calendars with other network users.


TeleMagic provides an internal e-mail facility and integrates with internet e-mail.


Powerful, fully customisable report designer in addition to standard reports and quick lists.

Many other features such as; data synchronisation, branch scripting, phone dialer, sales forecasting, faxing, wireless communications, word processing.

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