retail and support of Telemagic in the UK retail, support and custom development
... call +44 (0)1246 437 000 for further information...


Telemagic technical support is available by telephone, e-mail and per call out basis.

Telephone and e-mail support includes unlimited calls to our helpdesk during office hours charged at 15% of software cost per annum.

Per call out support is available, please call 44 (0)1246 437 000 for details.

What is TeleMagic?

TeleMagic is the UK's leading contact-centric software package in the field of contact management, business automation and sales automation. Based on a three level relational database back-end, Telemagic allows the creation of links between user-defined groups, for example companies, contacts and projects. Telemagic packages are aimed at the management of a wide variety of contact-centric applications; customer support, telemarketing, sales and fund raising to name just a few.

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